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U45 (rehabilitation, orthopaedics)

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The Department of Rehabilitation (orthopaedic and neurological) and Orthopaedics; contains 28 beds: 20 rehabilitation beds and 8 orthopaedic beds.

Rehabilitation: receives patients presenting with acute functional motor problems after their stay in orthopaedics (traumatology, total hip arthroplasty, total knee arthroplasty, etc.) or in neurology (stroke, cerebral hemorrag....).  Medically, the patients are stable and capable of withstanding optimal rehabilitation. 

Orthopaedics: primarily receives patients with problems involving the bones, joints, tendons and muscles which govern movement (accidents, disease, malformation and infection).


The support is individualized and optimized in a motivating, friendly and warm environment. On your arrival, you will be greeted by the person in charge of the day.
In orthopedics, rehabilitation begins as soon as possible with the aim of regaining your autonomy and independence as quickly as possible. Your active participation is encouraged by the multidisciplinary team.

In revalidation, you benefit from intensive rehabilitation from the start with at least two therapies per day. This is multidisciplinary care (nursing care, medical care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social monitoring, dietetics and if necessary psychological support, speech therapy and neuropsychology) which aims to provide comprehensive care taking into account your unique situation. We are constantly adapting to your development. Our team meets every week in order to define the objectives, evaluate your progress and set up the exit project.

When the situation requires it (mainly in the context of neurological rehabilitation) we organize a family meeting at the beginning (and / or at the end) of the care, which aims to explain the objectives and the content. multidisciplinary care that you will benefit from.


Each room is equipped with a radio, a television with a remote control (shared in case of a shared room) as well as an electric bed with remote control. In each room, there is also a small refrigerator. The bathroom has a shower and a toilet with a built-in booster. A walker can be made available to you if necessary (to be returned at the exit). Your personal space is protected by a key.


Breakfast: 8.15 am
Lunch: 12.15 pm
Dinner: 5.15 pm

The meals distributed are adapted to your specific needs related to your hospitalization. It is always possible to request the passage of the dietician during your stay. Apart from these meals, the Europe Hospitals cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience in the storage, hygiene or quality of the food. As part of neurological rehabilitation, shared meals (in the presence of caregivers) are organized once a week if the medical situation allows it. On Mondays and Fridays at 2 pm, volunteers distribute coffee and thea.



Each room is equipped with a telephone and an Internet connection. You will receive your personal code upon admission (telephone). Do not hesitate to ask for your Internet access code from the admissions department. Outside of opening hours, do not hesitate to contact reception.


On Thursdays, Red Cross volunteers make their rounds with reading material, which they lend for free.


Mail can be delivered to rooms every morning by the healthcare team. 


A relaxation room to relax or receive visitors is available within the unit. It is forbidden to smoke there.


At your request, the nurse in charge of your unit can contact a hairdresser and/or pedicure.


Departures are between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. The date of your exit will be communicated to you as soon as possible. If necessary, the social worker will help you organize your return.

You will leave the hospital with several documents: a discharge medical report, medical prescriptions (drug treatments, nursing care and physiotherapy if necessary). Your follow-up appointments will also be communicated to you: appointments in radiology, in orthopedic or neurological consultation depending on the case.

Depending on your specific needs, rehabilitation can be continued in our outpatient department where you will benefit from a program adapted to your situation and planned by our team.


Source: Head nurse U45 - Last update: 17/06/2021