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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center - Waterloo
02-614 42 00

Palliative care

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presentation of the unit 

Unit 42 - St-Elisabeth site (Uccle)

This location has eleven beds, divided over eleven rooms. All rooms have a toilet cabin with a sink, shower, hair dryer and a toilet.

The electrically adjustable beds with anti-bedsore mattresses, to offer patients maximum comfort.

Each room also has a phone, a flat-screen TV and a fridge.

There’s a living room with a porch and a kitchenette, where you can spend time with family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

There’s also a specially equipped bathroom for disabled patients.

Unit -1G - St-Michel site (Etterbeek)

This location consists of:

  • 9 rooms, 9 beds
  • Special bathroom for disabled patients
  • Living room, piano and library available for patients and their families
  • A lounge where you can relax or receive visitors

type of care given 

This location provides care for patients with serious oncological, neurological or vascular conditions who no longer respond to curative care. It offers:

  • Optimal treatment of pain or strenuous symptoms
  • Psychological, social and spiritual support
  • Support for patients and their families, to provide the best possible quality of life

A place of respite when home life becomes too difficult.

A place for the end-of-life when medical prognosis is short-term.

A request to be admitted is generally filed by the treating physician or the patient’s referring hospital, with the agreement of the patient or his/her family.

For patients, admission to palliative care is an important step that requires preparation. That’s why admission only takes place on the emergency department.

your room

When you arrive, a nurse will show you to your room.

Your doctor will regularly visit you in your room.

The first digit of your room number corresponds to the floor you are on.

Each room has a bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink (bathrooms on the St-Elisabeth site are also equipped with hair dryers). Private rooms also have fridges.

For the sake of discretion, we ask you to keep the door of your room closed.

All you have to do to find out the hospital staff’s function, is look at the ID badge they are wearing.

meal organisation 

Meals are served at 8am, 12pm and 5pm. Patients who so desire, can have their meals re-heated in the microwave and served at a later time.

Meals provided by hospital catering are suited to your specific needs with regard to your hospitalization. The Europe Hospitals accept no responsibility whatsoever in respect of storage, hygiene or quality of food other than that provided by hospital catering. Thank you for your understanding. 

services and relaxation 

telephone and internet 

All rooms have telephone and internet connections. You will receive a personal code for the telephone when you register. If required you should also ask for access codes for the internet at the admissions department. Outside admissions opening hours, please feel free to ask for the access code at the reception.


All rooms have radio and flat screen television (with DVD player) with a remote control unit in your room. Please keep the volume within reasonable limits out of respect for your fellow patients.

reading materials

Every Tuesday and Thursday volunteers from the Red Cross come round with books which you may borrow free of charge.


The post will be delivered every morning to your room. Ladies please ask your correspondents to indicate your maiden name on the envelop. The nursing staff will place your post in the post box at the reception, or if you are capable you may do it yourself. If necessary you may buy postage stamps here as well.

relaxation areas

In each ward there is a relaxation area. Bicycles with a screen are also available. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in this area.

hairdresser - pedicure

If you wish, you may make an appointment for your hair and/or pedicure via the head nurse of your ward.


Discharge takes place in agreement with your doctor. If you want to be discharged without your doctor’s approval, you will need to sign a waiver.

If any documents need to be signed by your doctor, please hand them over as soon as possible so they will be ready in time.

europe hospitals private foundation for palliative care

We rely on our own funds for everything involving additional comfort for our patients. Any donation you would like to make is very welcome.

Europe Hospitals private foundation for Palliative Care: BE58 0682 5039 1379


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