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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center - Waterloo
02-614 42 00


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Dr Christophe Assenmacher: return on his surgical mission in Togo

For Dr Christophe Assenmacher, Head of the Urology Department at the Europe Hospitals, humanitarian work has become a tradition: for several years he has been going on surgical missions to Togo in ord ...

Hygiène des Mains

May 5th is the International Hand Hygiene Day!

Accelerate action together. SAVE LIFES - Clean your hands.


Press coverage

RTL-TVI - La plateforme qui répertorie la vaccination en Wallonie et à Bruxelles pas du tout à jour: résultat, beaucoup de gens oublient leur rappel - Interview Dr Tayeb Slaouti, Paediatrics


Scientific publications

Hemoperitoneum after routine colonoscopy: A case report


Wearing a mask at the Europe Hospitals

The Management Committee of the Europe Hospitals, in consultation with the Hospital Hygiene Department, makes the following decisions for its patients and visitors.

Clinique du Sein

The Europe Hospitals has been recognised as a Breast Clinic for over 20 years

Accreditation means that the centre makes enough breast cancer diagnoses per year (at least 125) and can demonstrate sufficient expertise, which is crucial for breast cancer treatment outcomes.


New: Stomatherapy Department

The Stomatherapy Department provides care for patients with a digestive or urinary stoma in close multidisciplinary collaboration.


New: Stomatherapy Department

The Stomatherapy Department provides care for patients with a digestive or urinary stoma in close multidisciplinary collaboration.

Nouveau : consultation fin de vie

New: end of life consultation

The consultation is provided by Dr. Kristl Dobbelaere at the St-Elisabeth site and by Dr. Claudia Haba at the St-Michel site.


EurHope Yoga Care

From April 2023, the Europe Hospitals will organise a one-hour yoga session for their oncology patients every fortnight.

Welcome to the Paediatric Unit!

Your child has just been admitted to the paediatric unit of the Europe Hospitals.

Hospitalisation in the paediatric unit takes place only at the St Elisabeth site. A shuttle service can be requested from the St Michel site.

We are grateful for your trust and are happy to welcome you to our unit.

The hospital setting has little in common with the world children are used to, and can therefore be unsettling and worrying, both for you and for your child.

The purpose of this internet page is to introduce our team and to explain how it operates, which is as important as getting to know your child. Your active collaboration is necessary so that we can ensure the wellbeing of your child as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate to put any question you may have to our staff.

We hope that the welcome and healthcare we provide will meet your expectations and be as pleasant as possible.


Our unit welcomes new-born babies to teenagers aged 15.

We welcome many children who have to undergo a hospital stay to receive widely different treatments, such as medical monitoring, intravenous medication, post-operation care, etc. In addition to these hospitalisations, we also welcome many children who are hospitalised for just one day for surgical procedures (ENT surgery, orthopaedics or dental treatments...). 

The unit includes 15 beds in several rooms, the nurses’ facilities, the treatment room, a laundry room, a milk bottle room, a playroom, bathrooms for visitors and the “Bambi” unit.

Bambi Service

The Bambi service provides children aged 0 to 15 years with ambulatory nursing care such as blood tests, or any other sampling (except Covid-19 screening, suspicious Covid-19 cases must go through the Covid-19 circuit), suture removal, wound care or skin allergy tests.


All care is by appointment by calling 02-614 28 66 (St-Elisabeth site) or 02-614 37 53 (St-Michel site).

On the day of your appointment, please register before going up to the 1st floor. Each child will be accompanied by only one adult.

Opening Hours

St-Elisabeth site: The service is open from 9am to 5pm Monday - Wednesday and Friday from 5/15 to 9/15. Outside of this period, it is open from Monday to Friday.

St-Michel site: The service is open Monday - Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 5pm. The last patient will be admitted at 4:30 pm.

More information:


Source: Pediatrics Unit - Last update: 19/06/2020