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Vascular surgery

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The Vascular Surgery unit is concerned with treating all vascular pathologies, i.e. arterial and venous pathologies. Phlebology is a field devoted to venous disorders and their treatment.

about vascular surgery

arterial lesions

Arterial lesions are generally classed as arteriosclerosis and are mainly related to smoking, high blood pressure, heredity, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. They may manifest themselves as either narrowing (stenosis) or widening (aneurisms) of the arteries and present themselves in various parts of the body, from the extremities, the brain, the abdomen, the kidneys, etc.

  • In the extremities arterial narrowing may cause cramp whilst running, as well as a sensation of cold in the feet and toes during rest. In more advanced cases this mat lead to sores and ulcers which refuse to heal.

  • In the brain stenosis of the carotid vein may result in a CVA (cardiovascular accident). Leading to temporary or definitive loss of mobility or feeling in one or more of the limbs, in extreme cases this may lead to permanent paralysis. Speech problems may also occur.
  • The abdominal arteries (aorta, arterial iliac) may also become stenosed or enlarged. An aneurism is usually symptom free and painless, but can in some instances rupture resulting in massive blood loss and eventual death. For this reason, whenever practical, everyone should have preventive checkups.

hybrid room

We have a cutting-edge hybrid room (radiology equipment connected to an operating room) where we continue to perform complex vascular interventions, including:

  • Complex brain aneurysm treatment requiring customised covered stents.
  • Selective embolization of intra-abdominal arteries for ectasia-related bleeding or lesions.
  • Renal angioplasty stenting, etc.

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