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St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
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St-Michel site - Etterbeek
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Bella Vita Medical Center
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Work at the Europe Hospitals



More than ever, we are recruiting committed and enthusiastic staff, partners in quality improvement and safety for patients who are at the heart of our work. You can apply for a vacancy that interests you or apply spontaneously.

In view of the COVID-19 measures, the selection and recruitment procedure has been adapted so that all applications are processed without delay and in a secure environment. The selection interviews take place at home, by a simple click on a TEAMS or SKYPE PRO link without prior application download, so that you do not have to go to the hospital. Then, your application will be closely monitored and you will receive an answer shortly after.


What are the good reasons for working at the Europe Hospitals?  

First and foremost, joining our teams means working in a human-centred field that offers high added value.
We make sure that we are constantly developing the quality of our services and of the technologies we implement, and ultimately of your skills.

Furthermore, for the Europe Hospitals, the well-being of our staff resides at the very heart of our management plan.

We also offer many advantages:

  • Premiums for working inconvenient hours that are higher than the legal requirement
  • Stand-by allowance 
  • Expertise-linked bonuses for the operating area
  • Call-up compensation
  • Language courses during working hours
  • Mobile phone subscription upon passing the bilingualism exam 
  • Titles, A2/A1 transition, and continuing education paid for by the institution
  • One week of internal training provided to all new recruits
  • Reduced medical fees in our Hospitals 
  • Partnerships with the crèches of the region
  • 2.75€ for a full-course meal at our restaurant
  • Purchase centre: discounts on nappies, IT equipment, travel agency, etc.


On your first day at the Europe Hospitals, you are welcomed in person at 9 a.m. at the main entrance of the Hospital by the ICANE. This provides the opportunity to ask all the questions you might have, to get to know your new work environment and be given your work clothes, take possession of your locker and receive your IT access codes. It is a moment of exchange designed to provide you with support and serenity as you start your duties. You will then enjoy a progressive integration into your unit. Our goal is to offer you on-site support for the development of your skills, through the availability and expertise of our collaborators.

Career and training

In the context of our continual improvement and quality policy, the Europe Hospitals are investing in an extensive training programme. We provide training suited to your specific needs, conducted externally or within the institution.
This training offering enables each staff member to update and broaden their skills and knowledge, and therefore to provide improved professional services.
For this purpose, we make every effort to ensure that each employee can grow within the institution, according to their individual needs and skills and that of the Hospitals. 

Our offers

The Europe Hospitals are constantly on the look-out for new talent. From the healthcare teams to the administrative staff, each job is crucial to the smooth running of the Europe Hospitals, and ultimately to the well-being of the patients. 

Visit our recruitment site http://workat.europehospitals.be/ to apply. We might have the pleasure of welcoming you soon as a new member of our staff!



Source: Team Human Resources - Last update: 03/02/2020