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St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center - Waterloo
02-614 42 00


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About the geriatric department

Geriatrics is a specialised branch of internal medicine concerned with the treatment of elderly patients, and it particularly aims to provide global and multidisciplinary healthcare.

Its main objective is to preserve the autonomy and independence of the patient for as long as possible, to ensure good living conditions, and to make it possible for the patient to live at home.  

five geriatric functions at the europe hospitals 

The Europe Hospitals offer currently the five components of the care program for geriatric patients : several departments for geriatric medicine, consultation, internal and external liaison, and a geriatric day clinic. These components guarantee a full geriatric care, regardless of your current situation (in patient, out patient, etc.)

1)    geriatrics hospitalisation

The four sections of acute Geriatrics are divided into 2 branches: 2 units at the St-Elisabeth site (Uccle) and 2 units at the St-Michel site (Etterbeek). In these departments elderly patients are admitted (often older than 75) who require specific care due to their fragile health, these patients have poly-pathology (several acute or chronic simultaneous illnesses) or geriatric syndromes such as acute confusion, dementia, instability and falls, malnutrition, loss of autonomy, interplay of psychological and social factors, …

These patients are treated using a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach. Apart from medical treatment, the patients receive nursing care and help from the social services, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, dieticians, etc. The purpose of this global approach is to restore independence and the quality of life, as quickly as possible. It is a scheme which provides the sick themselves with a multidisciplinary team of people from their immediate environment (associated with independence, psychosocial resources, etc.).
The discharge modalities are established in consultation with the patient, people from his immediate environment, the treating doctor and the home care services, so that the return home progresses as quickly as possible.

2)    geriatrics consultation 

Most medical pathologies in the elderly can be examined. In particular:

  • Various medical pathologies (General internal medicine, disabling problems, pain, etc.)
  • More specific geriatric pathologies (falls, balance problems, incontinence, confusion, loss of autonomy, …)

3)    internal liaison

The internal liaison Geriatrics is intended for patients older than 75 still exclusively on the geriatric wards are included, and a geriatric profile is created for them. With the expertise of the various disciplines present within the team the internal liaison is trying on the one hand, to contribute to a better quality of life of the patient, and, on the other, the caring and medical teams try to support the medical treatment of the geriatric patient. 

The internal liaison team is reachable on the number 02-614 35 65 for the St-Michel site and on the number 02-614 25 58 for the St-Elisabeth site.

4)    External liaison

« Continuity of care to ensure continuity within the framework of the welfare of the geriatric patient and his carer ».

The external liaison needs to coordinate the discharge of the patient and continuity of care by helping the patient and family in their search for a home help or a custom residential setting if a return to home is not possible. The external liaison is also responsible for contacts with doctors, coordinating doctors, managers of rest and nursing homes, and home help services.

5)    geriatric day clinic (st-michel site)

Geriatric day clinic (site St-Michel) is intended for the elderly over the age of 75 that are vulnerable, suffering poly-pathology and/or in danger of functional deterioration. This service offers the patient the possibility for a limited period of time to make use of the expertise of a multidisciplinary team, the opinion of several specialists and access to the complete technical infrastructure of the hospital. The work of the day clinic is based on three pillars: diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from a preventive and/or curative approach.

Patients can make use of the facilities on the St-Michel site on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 8am to 5pm the day clinic, albeit only by appointment on the following phone number : 02-614 35 66 (for more information: click here).