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Our health is our greatest treasure!

Our Western way of life and eating habits, our sedentary lifestyle, the fast pace we subject our bodies to, the exposure to high stress levels combined with the environmental pollution are all damaging to our health.

Preserving and improving our health status requires a vision of the big picture and a comprehensive approach.

About the Medicare's department (Medical check-up)

Having received various medical trainings, Dr Nachtergal is in a position to propose an “integrative” medical approach that combines different aspects to achieve one common purpose: improving the overall health condition of the patient. 

The classic “Health Check” is a tool for assessing a patient’s health condition as accurately as possible. Its goal is the early detection of the first signs of a disease, to allow for a rapid cure. It is also a means to analyse and monitor risk factors that may promote the potential development of diseases.

A rigorous approach to the specialised examinations to be scheduled and therapeutic objectives to be reached, allowing people to have a better quality of life and to live longer lives. 

A “medical coaching” style approach to help patients to be fully involved with managing their health, to guide them and encourage them to gradually develop better habits with respect to life in general, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and eating disorders.

The health check, which is scheduled for one morning session, includes a comprehensive dialogue between the patient and the doctor in charge of the check-up. A detailed questionnaire and systematic questioning serve as a guide to this meticulous work, which is followed by a complete clinical examination. Various clinical examinations are subsequently performed:

A detailed blood analysis and a urinalysis
Imaging tests, including a chest X-ray, abdominal or prostate ultrasound
A cardiac check-up by regular ECG or with the aid of a cardiac stress test 
Based on age, gender, and various clinical matters that were gathered, additional examinations may be suggested if they prove necessary: gynaecological or senologic check-up, bone densitometry, regular or virtual colonoscopy, ophthalmological assessment, etc.

All the information and results collected will be the subject of a complete medical report, that will be the exclusive property of the patient concerned.

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Source: Team Medicare - Last update: 17/02/2020