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Trouver un médecin

Finding a sexologist

Prendre rendez-vous

booking an appointment





You may consult a sexologist in case of sexual and relational problems.

You may also consult a sexologist for any sexual problem whatsoever.

The problems most frequently addressed are classic sexual issues such as:

  • no desire for sex or fluctuating desire (sexual desire disorders);
  • vaginal dryness;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • premature or delayed ejaculation;
  • pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia/vaginismus).

Apart from these, other sexual problems also exist which a sexologist can help you to resolve.

For instance:

  • problems relating to sex in the wake of a disease (cancer, neurological disorders), after childbirth or an accident;
  • problems relating to sexual identity or preference (homosexual, lesbian, bisexual);
  • questions or hesitation regarding your gender;
  • support when you are having difficulty managing your (new) sexuality;
  • relational and communication problems.

For some issues, the sexologist works in conjunction with a doctor (family doctor, urologist, gynaecologist, oncologist, neurologist, psychiatrist), a psychologist or a physiotherapist.