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U57 (psychiatry)

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The General Hospital Psychiatric Department (abbreviated in Dutch as PAAZ) of the St-Elisabeth site cares for patients having neuro-psychiatric issues. A multiple approach which includes an admission department, an emergency department and a consultation department, is applied.

The admission department is an open, residential service where patients are monitored by a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, (specialised) nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, animators and social workers. The various carers discuss every patient’s evolution once a week.

Reception and treatment of psychiatric emergency cases are integrated in the emergency department and the MUG (Dutch abbreviation that stands for “Mobiele Urgentiegroep” - Mobile Emergency Group) of the St-Elisabeth site. Here too, attention is paid not only to a patient’s acute symptoms and the medical analysis but also to his or her family and social contexts. These details are used to decide whether or not the person is to be admitted to the PAAZ or to be referred elsewhere.

The consultations department is manned by psychiatrists and psychologists who assume responsibility for assessing, treating and monitoring outpatients.


The patient is treated in a bio-psychosocial manner, with due respect for his or her autonomy. The therapeutic approach consists of personal and group treatments. Admission to a PAAZ also has the limitations typical of an acute department. Setting up a care plan is realistic and expedient but such a service cannot provide comprehensive treatment.


The department consists of 28 twin rooms and 2 private rooms.

Every patient has an armchair, a refrigerator, a chair, a closet, a bedside table, a shower, a personal washbasin, a television and radio, Wi-Fi and a sun filter curtain.


Meal times:

Breakfast: 8 pm - 9 pm

Lunch: 12 pm - 1 pm

Dinner: 5 pm - 6 pm

The patients eat together in the room. 

Meals provided by hospital catering are suited to your specific needs with regard to your hospitalization. The Europe Hospitals accept no responsibility whatsoever in respect of storage, hygiene or quality of food other than that provided by hospital catering. Thank you for your understanding. 


Telephone and Internet

All rooms have telephone and internet connections. If required you should also ask for access codes for the internet at the admissions department. Outside admissions opening hours, please feel free to ask for the access code at the reception.


All rooms have radio and flat screen television (with DVD player) with a remote control unit in your room. Please keep the volume within reasonable limits out of respect for your fellow patients.

Reading Materials

Every Monday volunteers from the Red Cross come round with books which you may borrow free of charge.


The post will be delivered every morning to your room. Ladies please ask your correspondents to indicate your maiden name on the envelop. The nursing staff will place your post in the post box at the reception, or if you are capable you may do it yourself. If necessary you may buy postage stamps here as well.

Relaxation areas

At the end of the daily activities, the patients can relax in the large living area in our department. They have board games, books and a table tennis table at their disposal.

Hairdresser - Pedicure

If you wish, you may make an appointment for your hair and/or pedicure via the head nurse of your ward.


Discharge is always discussed in mutual consultation between the patient and the attending psychiatrist. The nursing team will give the patient all the necessary documents when he or she is discharged.



Source: Head nurse Psychiatry - Last update: 03/02/2020