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If you have already tried out various techniques to lose weight, without any real results; if you experience physical difficulties, effort-related fatigue, back pain caused by excess weight; if after a surgery, you feel you should get back into shape... Our Weight & Healthcare centre is the place you need!


The number of people suffering from excess weight is steadily growing. This trend is related to changes in lifestyles, a combination of overly sedentary habits and inadequate nutrition.

Obesity reduces life expectancy and increases the risk of developing certain chronic conditions (cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, joint pains, diabetes...) as well as certain types of cancer (uterus, breast, colon).

A 5-10% weight loss enables to substantially reduce obesity-related complications.

Excess weight has to be approached in a comprehensive manner, with a multidisciplinary treatment that targets all of the health aspects involved...  

The purpose of the healthcare provided is to help the patient lose weight, in a progressive and definitive manner, and especially to improve his/her global state of health!   

Systematically, the check-up includes the screening and treatment of cardiovascular risks, with a particular attention paid to the screening of diabetes and prediabetes, which are highly underdiagnosed, but also of possible hypothyroidism, deficiencies, possible food intolerances, dysbiosis (imbalance of the gut flora, the importance of which is becoming increasingly clear)...


The ideal weigh is less a question of beauty than it is a matter of health.

The BMI, although often used as a reference, is only one of many possible indicators which have to be taken into account... The same weight on the scales does not always represent the same mass. Muscles are heavier than fat, and the same weight in a person who is fit and muscular does not have the same meaning as in an “overweight” person.

Therefore, several parameters have to be taken into account; waist circumference, weight and percentage of body fat as well as BMI. 
The waistline represents a factor of cardiovascular risk, regardless of weight excess..

Increased risk for waist circumference:

  • From 94 cm for men
  • From 80 cm for women


18 - 25 kg/m² = normal weight
25 - 30 kg/m² = excess weight
30 - 35 kg/m² = class I obesity
> 35 kg/m² = class II obesity and more


Source: Team Obesity Clinic - Last update: 17/02/2020