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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center - Waterloo
02-614 42 00



To ensure quality of care, we ask you:

  • to leave the room during care or visits by the doctors;
  • to limit your visit to a maximum of 2 hours;
  • Limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 2 per patient per day so as not to disturb the peace and quiet of the patient or other patients; 
  • Avoid visits with children under the age of 15;
  • Respect the visiting hours.
  • Inform you in advance, with the patient or the nurse, of treatments or examinations planned during visiting hours.
  • Use antibacterial gel, which is available in various places in the hospital and certainly in the patient's room, before and after any contact with the patient.

If you are ill (flu, cough, sore throat, fever,...), postpone your visit as the risk of infection is high.

Visitors :

  • are not allowed to smoke in the hospital;
  • are not allowed to make noise inside the units;
  • may not sit on the beds;
  • may not eat patients' food;
  • may not bring in plants planted in the ground;
  • must comply with the instructions of medical, nursing and paramedical staff

Courtesy and politeness apply at all times and everywhere.



Shared rooms: 14:00 - 19:30
Private rooms: 11:00 - 19:30.


5.30 pm - 7.30 pm.

Maternity ward

Visits are possible from 2pm to 7.30pm.

Mum and baby need to rest to recover, we ask you to limit visits to 2 people per patient.


As a parent, you are welcome day and night.

Visits are possible from 2pm to 7.30pm.

As children need time to recover, we ask you to limit visits to 2 people per child.


As a parent, you are welcome day and night. The baby's siblings and other family members are also welcome, but for the baby's well-being, visits take place behind the neonatology window. This is possible from 2pm to 7.30pm.  Additional visits are only possible with the agreement and approval of the nursing team.




We strive to create living conditions as close as possible to those of the family environment, so that family and friends are welcome 24 hours a day. A bed for a companion can be installed in the room if you wish.  For the comfort of the patient, we ask you to limit your visiting time and not to receive more than 2 or 3 people at the same time.


Patients may be accompanied by a maximum of one companion.  You will be asked to leave the ward for the duration of the procedure.  During the treatment, you will be asked to leave the room. Minors may be accompanied by both parents. Children are not allowed on the ward as visitors/accompanying persons.


Accompanying persons are not allowed in the emergency room, except in the following situations:

  • Language barrier
  • Elderly patient (> 75 years) 
  • Patient not autonomous for his history
  • Minor patient: presence of a parent or other trusted person

If the presence of an accompanying person is necessary with the patient, it will be limited to one person.
In case of lack of space in the waiting rooms, the accompanying person may be asked to free up his or her place in the waiting room to allow a patient to move in.