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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center - Waterloo
02-614 42 00

Mission, vision, values

Who we are

The Europe Hospitals are a leading hospital group serving the city of Brussels and its surrounding areas. As a multilingual general hospital, we offer comprehensive care at our three sites: St-Elisabeth in Uccle, St-Michel in Etterbeek/European Quarter and the Bella Vita Medical Center in Waterloo.

Calling on the expertise of over 300 specialist physicians and 1,800 members of staff, we pride ourselves on providing highly personalised care to around 2,500 patients every day. From accurate diagnoses to the most advanced forms of treatment, we combine state-of-the-art medical technology with contemporary infrastructure to deliver high-quality dedicated care with highest safety standards and excellent comfort. For each and every patient. Every day.

Our key values

The Europe Hospitals’ key values represent our DNA as a hospital group and form the foundations of our mission and vision as providers of care and define our interaction with each other and with our patients. Our values define our unifying force as an organisation and our uniqueness in the healthcare sector.

Personal approach




Cutting-edge medicine

Our mission

Our mission is our raison d’être as a hospital group.

It describes who we are and why do we do what we do

Each day anew, the commitment and expertise of our multilingual doctors and staff enable us to justify and confirm the confidence of our patients. Our mission is to provide highly personalised care while guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, security and efficiency through the use of cutting-edge medical technologies in an exceptionally comfortable environment centred around mutual respect.

Our vision

Our vision describes our ambitions as a hospital group.

What are our medium-term objectives?

The Europe Hospitals’ aim is to be the leading hospital group serving Brussels and its surrounding areas providing cutting-edge medicine and personalised, multilingual care.

That is why we continuously invest in:

Building patient confidence through a personal approach to healthcare

Our aim of offering the very best care to each and every patient continues to be our priority for the future. It is why we keep a close eye on our patients' personal medical experiences and place their specific needs at the top of our agenda. We are also committed to communicating clearly and proactively with our patients and their loved ones.

Ethical and respectful relationships with our patients, staff members and partners

Our personal approach allows us to cater for every individual patient, regardless of their culture, religion or language. This commitment to people is also reflected in our relationships with our staff and doctors. With that in mind, we have put together a clear code of conduct which also governs our relationships with external partners.

The continuous development of knowhow, skills and techniques

We go at lengths to attract, maintain and develop talent, both in our medical and support staff. We encourage all our staff members to follow additional specialist training in order to continuously develop their medical expertise, their caring skills and their command of foreign languages, so that they can provide these highest quality of safe, personalised care.

Effective, integrated care thanks to close collaboration

We invest in care for tomorrow and for this reason we actively promote increased internal and external collaboration. In particular, we aim to foster good working relationships with GPs, home care agencies, universities and our colleagues from other hospitals and care facilities. This enables us to offer all our patients complete and effective care: before, during and after their stay at the Europe Hospitals.

Cutting-edge technology in a contemporary setting

Thanks to technological evolutions, we are able to offer our patients more accurate diagnoses and convenient and safe medical treatments. This is why the Europe Hospitals invest so heavily in cutting-edge medical technology and why we continue to promote digitalisation in order to reinforce the efficiency of our operations.