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First in Belgium: The Europe Hospitals Laboratory Certified "Green Lab"

Green Lab

The Europe Hospitals analysis laboratory has been awarded the "Green & Sustainable Laboratory" certificate. This certificate is piloted by the European Federation of Medical Laboratories (EFLM) in line with the European Green Deal. 

The Europe Hospitals are proud to announce that this achievement marks a first in Belgium and that its laboratory is the second in Europe to obtain this certificate*. As a healthcare partner, the Europe Hospitals Analysis Laboratory recognises the importance of minimising its ecological footprint while guaranteeing high-quality services.

What does being a "Green Lab" mean?
Environmentally-friendly practices: The Laboratory has adopted protocols and technologies that reduce energy consumption, chemical use and waste production. In this way, each analysis contributes to preserving biodiversity and minimising environmental damage.
Accurate and responsible results: As well as continuing to provide reliable and accurate analysis results, the Laboratory promotes the judicious use of tests to avoid over-diagnosis in the interests of its patients' health.
A better future for global health: Human health and the environment are inextricably linked, and the Europe Hospitals Laboratory is proud to assume its responsibility. 

*More information: https://greenlabs.eflm.eu/laboratories-certified