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The Europe Hospitals launches new digital patient portal

Portail patient

The Europe Hospitals are launching a new digital portal for patients. This is a platform that will act as a backbone by integrating various IT services into a common base. The hospital wants to offer its patients a personalised, secure and integrated space where they can participate remotely in the various stages of their care.

The result of a collaboration between Europe Hospitals, the IT firm NSI and Enovacom, the French leader in medical interoperability, this new platform allows patients to have a view of elements of their computerised patient file at the Europe Hospitals, such as some of their personal and medical data, their next appointments, their medical reports and laboratory results, as well as the vaccinations they have had and the consents they have given. It is also possible to make an appointment online, to carry out a video-consultation and even, for patients with cardiovascular problems, to be monitored online using their connected blood pressure monitor and scale.

« Faced with the development of chronic diseases and the reduction of hospitalization times, the platform will ensure continuity of care for patients, regardless of their location, in particular through the integration of telemedicine and remote monitoring. » Says Pascal Cousin, IT Manager of the Europe Hospitals. 

Remote monitoring allows the implementation of patient follow-up outside the hospital using connected objects to take parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight, etc. These parameters will be communicated directly to the hospital via the platform. Pending the deployment of telemedicine and remote monitoring, patients will soon be able to prepare their admission to the hospital using online forms and pay their bills directly via the IBIS platform.

In order to access the platform, the patient must first have a medical file within the Europe Hospitals. He then accesses it via the hospital's website in a simple and secure manner by means of his identity card, Itsme application or a security code. In this way, their personal information and medical records remain secure.

« We live in a society where the patient is becoming a real player in his or her health. We are convinced that this type of platform is an essential tool to enable the patient to play an active role in his or her health care by being involved in the process from making an appointment, through treatment, to the results of consultations. », adds and concludes Apollinaire Tiendrebeogo, Business Analyst and Poject Manager in the Europe Hospitals' IT Department.

Click here to access the patient portal: https://ibis.europehospitals.be/